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Don't worry about those that taken the covid-shot as those people would have gone with another globalist agenda.

Those that took the gene therapy are not human not more and we just got to focus on ourselves now, we have wasted enough time on trying to wake up the dam.

Remember they kept calling us who didn't buy into the lie "Conspiracy Theorists" to feel safe in their cowardice.

Remember the general public follows establishment conspiracy theories all the time.

NOTE: I almost came to not having this site seconds ago as I sent email talking about refund cause these pages would not come up.


I decided to change my name as I am zesty person in life (despite I almost got taken out of this life), Twitch Zestagul.


In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the nature of the next phase of the freedom fight. We are in a battle with machine learning and artificial intelligence, exactly like the ones reading and filtering this description into desirable and undesirable categories.

Freemasons: Albert Hall

In the Albert Hall a bunch of freemasons getting together celebrating their works.

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