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Everyday now, many of us know the establishment is lying to us.

We can see it is a war against the public by the elites that want to see us dead, I feel what others feel when it comes we are nobody prize kill.

People in the Police want to keep following orders while denying that they are part of the problem with the human race kept in slavery. So be it.

History is repeating itself again.

NOTE: Establishment sided with Pedophile that almost got me killed, I will never forgive them for siding with pedophile.


Other researchers and experts are speaking out, we need to ignore those that are cowards and use words like "Conspiracy Theorists" and "Tin Foilers". Youtube.

Banks Closing ATMs

Is this what allot of us have been warning the masses about to kick-off? Talks from Financial Terrorism to Cashless societies with digital currencies that governments controls the public money.


I am mocking the tyrants of the earth that are trying to get public to kill each other by using black people to murder white people, same methods thousands years ago that they brainwashed people in the past to murder each other. We need to think in clarity to realize we got fooled by real slavemasters.


In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the nature of the next phase of the freedom fight. We are in a battle with machine learning and artificial intelligence, exactly like the ones reading and filtering this description into desirable and undesirable categories.

Freemasons: Albert Hall

In the Albert Hall a bunch of freemasons getting together celebrating their works.

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