Authorities never like people exposing the STATE crimes and cover-ups as they love the control, power, money and they think in god like mindset.

This site will always continue to try and find out what else the public are being kept in the dark about.

Even though I almost got killed off by Police incompetence and other authorities tried to cover-up crimes against me.

Establishment drive to censor anyone exposing all those that wanting to cull the human race will not go un-notice.

One of the measures is not to believe what the authorities and media tells the public, instead check things out to see what is true..

Those that are causing the problems on a global scale that are pulling the strings have no name that is why it is hard to tell the public who really in charge.

It will not stop the research/investigations despite the threats and the murderous attempts on the folk at warriorwales that keep bringing the information forward on this site.

Police are not to be trusty at all, reporting crimes to them are useless for good people that exposing all the agendas going on.

Take care, peace and love.