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This Covid-19 (Covert-19) got allot of people in fear to not look at what really going and not to look at the corporations that are going to profit and come out stronger cause of it.

There is still allot of people still sleeping walking themselves and others into barbaric POLICE STATE that we never seen before because of this Covid-19 plan.

Time to put your feelings to one side to look at academic papers and other documentations that the sick parasites are doing.

No. Name Description / Article / Pdf Link
1 XANDREWX Leaked NHS Document the Sale plans for the jabs 2020 Bitchute
2 American United Against The NWO Operation Lockstep by Rockefeller Foundation (vid) Bitchute
3 Star Now Actors needed for the Covid-19
4 XANDREWX Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole - Vax-11k Deaths, 1st Autopsy? Bitchute
5 Free Your Mind Patrick King on Laura Lynn show talking about covid fraud Bitchute
6 Free Your Mind Share. We can win! Patrick King Took on the Covid Hoax Government. Bitchute
7 Renz Law Attorney Thomas Renz Exposes 45,000 Covid Shot deaths Renz-Law
8 Gavi Why is Master Card linked with Health? Gavi
9 Gavi FDA Allegedly aware of over 110 diseases caused by covid vaccines, including deaths & miscarriages Bitchute
11 Kristall Covid Deception, Advanced Tech & The NWO 'Virus' (Gemma Doherty WT Dr. Carrie Madej Brand New Tube
12 PWC Austrailia Matters March 2020 The Possible Economic Consequences of a novel coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic PWC (Pdf)
13 Daniel B- NWO Disciple Trudea doesn't get his killer jab! Bitchute
14 Bi-Chem Looking into bio batteries / human batteries
15 Logical Annie CV: Cronyism and Corruption Youtube
16 United Nations University "The Silver Linings of the COVID-19 Crisis for Asia", a Conversation with Mr Andrew Sharp
17 PoliticsJOE (Song) Few Jokes about serious things. Smile or laugh Youtube
19 HighImpactFlix Corona Virus and your date with stupid people Bitchute
20 Harry_Knowledge123 Jason Nota ~ "People are fucking stupid, this corona virus is nothing but a smoke screen" Bitchute
21 Banned Videos Tanzania's President Magufuli's Death Analysis Bitchute
22 Vaccine Impact News Taking a look at the impact of vaccines and bioweapon shots. Vaccine Impact
23 Gavi The vaccines pillar of the Access (Snake Oil Company) Gavi
24 The Corbett Report How Bill Gates monopolized global health. Bitchute
25 South Wales Mason Barry Masonic Hall used as a community Covid-19 vaccination centre South Wales Mason
26 BBC Media Nudge Affect Mask & Social distancing for years (In Short Slavery) BBC
27 Linkedin Dr G. Vanden Bossche Linkedin account Be.linkedin
28 Banned Youtube Videos Dr G.Vanden Bossche linked with the Gates Foundation & GAVI Bitchute
29 Andre_Van_Delft Second video by Brian Procter MD. Bitchute
30 North Dakota (Health) Covid 19 and Fetal Cell Lines
31 The Jericho Report Rolling Out Dolly Parton want to take vaccines as well what in the vaccine. Youtube
32 Really Graceful Microsoft Forms Ministry of Truth Youtube
33 Forces (UK) Ex-Fighter Pilots To Fly Drones Carrying COVID-19 Tests Forces Net
34 XANDREWX It is not lawful Bitchute
35 John Overkill Stand up or lose #manhunt Youtube
36 European Parliament Tracking mobile devices to fight coronavirus europarl
37 ITV News News Review On Covid Passport (Open Prison Technology) Youtube
38 Reeni Mederos, Mysterion TV Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel 'Massive' COVID-19 'Disinformation Campaign' bitchute
39 Ramzpaul Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing - Full Video bitchute
40 Spiro Dr. Andrew Kaufman: They want to genetically modify us with the covid-19 vaccine Bitchute
41 Police Abusing Powers Common Law Cop's open letter to colleagues about 'nonsensical and arbitrary' rules Youtube
42 RoyalDay Listen to nurse took the vaccine and what happen next. Bitchute
43 HHS Gov Explaining Operation Warp Speed
44 Department Of Defense DOD Reaffirms Original JEDI Cloud Award to Microsoft
45 RoyalDay Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown | Economic War Bitchute
46 Krogholt Doctors Around the World Speaking Out Newtube
47 US.Copyright Copyright, Coronavirus and others. Copyright
48 Public Health England Why Gov looking after our feelings? Orwellian sounding publishing service gov
49 Healio Media How did Dr Fauci Know?
50 World Health Organization Covid-19 pre-planned before 2019 for Agenda 21, 2030 and 2050 and allot more The Who
51 Ice Age Farmer NO MORE MEAT: Plants Close "Indefinitely" Youtube
52 Unite AI (Smart Surveilliance) BULLSHIT, I will die defending against this bullshit. Covid-19 is the Vaccine that will kill.
53 RoyalDay Mark Bell Power Project EP: 360 - Dr Buttar and Truth about Covid-19 Youtube
54 Ice Age Farmers Food Shutdown to force starvation on people #Covid19 Youtube
55 Federation of American Scientists The Technology og Genetic Engineering Applied To Biowarefare and Bioterrorism
56 Construction News MASTER MASONS (MASONIC) and destroying average family way of life Construction News
57 RoyalDay World Videos of hospitals on Covert19 (aka Covid19) This link works again. Bitchute
58 World Health Organization A coordinated Global Research Roadmap 2019
59 Freemasonry Today Health Profession in the Masonic Order? Freemasonry Today
60 Google Patents Intel Corona Virus Vaccine Patent Google Patents
61 NoConclusion79 Military bump off boris for Martial law, interesting Twitter
62 DHS Pandemic Influenza (Homeland Security)
63 RoyalDay Dr Buttar Corona Virus Bitchute
64 Health and Safety Authority Covid-19 Respond Plan HSA
65 RoyalDay You won't believe what is actually happening Dr Buttar Bitchute
66 RoyalDay global reset (Virus Help) while businesses go under. (2018) Bitchute
67 Ice Age Farmer Agenda 21 (UN) food shortages Youtube
68 Google Patents; US10130701B2 Coronavirus Patent Google Patents
69 Sixth Sense Midazolam treatment - Louise Hampton Bitchute
70 Noconclusion79 Mainstream media lying about COVID19, surely not? Twitter
71 Reuters Reuters confession, informing? Due to people exposing this narrative Reuters
72 State of the Nation Covid19 Gates Patent here to State of the Nation
73 RoyalDay Covid-19 Virus Conspiracy? Scientific Corruption: Part 3 - Dr. Rashid A. Buttar Bitchute
74 The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society BT SOUL CATCHER 2025 (SLAVERY IDEOLOGY) Beams investigations
75 Logical Annie Why is main stream silent about the downgrading of CV? youtube
76 Catholic Pilgrimage PH There's a St. Corona and she is the Patron Saint of Pandemics Catholic Pilgrimageph
77 AlphaVid Coronavirus: Turn Off Water/Power If Rules Not Followed, Pension Funds? Unemployment Checks Delayed youtube
78 Business Insider Australia Bill Gates thinks a coming disease could kill 30 million Business Insider
79 US National Library of Medicine The Safe Handling of a corpse (suspected) with COVID-19 NCBI
80 Google Services UX Playbook for Healthcare (PDF) Google Services
81 The Pirbright Institute Viruses we study and more Pirbright Site
82 COCHRANE Following Globalist line to push C-19 jab Cochrane
83 Nomme Raadio 99.3MHz Rockerfeller plan years ago for today virus. Lock page 18 pdf Nomme Radio
84 Todd Palms Mark Passio explains the religion of authority (Slavery) Youtube
85 The Guardian Reverse Engineer: Biohacking us through the Vaccine The Guardian
86 The Sleuth Journal Bill Gates Population Control Chip (goes with Corona Virus) The Sleuth Journal
87   Tba Closed
88 Gates Foundation GATES is laughing at the public (NAZI History) Gates Foundation
89 Data Plan Agenda 21 (UN) destroy nations Dataplan site
90 Parliament Services Slavery Bill has arrived as Rockefeller Mention Parliament Services
91 News Punch Bill Gates: Engineering Nudge to Digital Enslavement Newspunch
92 GNS Ecomonics The stages of the collapse gnseconomics site
93 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Interim Operation Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings CDC
94 Google Patents Canine coronavirus vaccine Google patents
95 John Nord Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed Youtube
96 Defense Gov Pentagon Spokesman: DOD Ready to Help With Coronavirus, but Capability Limited Defense Gov Site
97 VCA Hospitals; Canine coronavirus (CCoV) is not the same virus as SARS-CoV-2 VCA Hospitals
98 Logical Annie What can Chickens~Corona and Euro-vision Song Contests have in common? Youtube
99 Brookings Instituion Eurasia and Global Balance Youtube
100 Forbes; Idiot sign up for Bill Gate Vaccine Agenda Forbes site
101 Google Patents GB2316681A Coronavirus vaccines Google Patents
102 The Scientists Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate The Scientist
103 The Local Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law The Local
104 BaptistHealthSF Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law Youtube
105 World Health Organization WHO way of managing Epidemics The Who
106 The National Health Federation Can Herbal Medicines Fight Wuhan Coronavirus The NHF
107 Congress Under Cover Of Coronavirus Congress Introduces Bill That Allows Gov To Control All Internet Content Congress Website
108 New York Times Chinese Tycoon Who Criticized Xi's Response to Coronavirus Has Vanished? NY Times
109 Global Research COVID-19 Coronavirus "Fake" Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis Global Research
110 Smart Cities World South Korea to step-up online coronavirus tracking Smart Cities World
111 Gates Foundation Bill and Melinda are destructive foundation Gates Foundation
112 The Ultimate Lifestyle Collection Corona Virus: Funded By Bill Gates, Patented by the CDC - With Evidence Youtube
113 TED Talks Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We're not ready Youtube
114 TED Talk Feb 2010 Bill Gates Population Genocide Youtube
115 Metro Another Bailout: CoronaVirus Metro
116 Herald Scholarly Open Access Coronavirus is a Biological Warfare Weapon H.S.O.A.
117 Congress S.993 - Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989
118 UK Parliament Biological Weapons Act 1974
119 leaked Email? Fake or not? Media always looking to push covid tyranny anyway Constant Contact PDF