Nano Companies



A world with Nano technology that is now being created for everyday existence with criminal players. We should take a look what being created.

Is this technology being created for good? Do we have Nano-technology being used to enslave people?

Only way to know - Is to take a look. Let have a look what actually going on instead of being spoon fed.

No. Name Description / Article / Pdf Link
1 K. Angel Brain Chip Implant with Nano Tech Enslaves Humanity by A.I. Organization / Cyrus A. Parsa Bitchute
2 Security 2040 Brain-Compter Interfaces. U.S. Military Applications and Implications Rand
3 OHCR Military grade talking about abuse with using technology. ohcr
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6 Richard P. Feynman There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom nanoparticles
7 Katrina L. Sifferd, JD PhD1 Changing the Criminal Character: Nanotechnology and Criminal Punishment Numerons Filers
8 Sage Nanotechnology: Histroy and Future Sage Journals
9 Core Academic Institutions Instrumentation and Metrology for Nanotechnology Core Academic
10 AZO NANO Nanotechnology in the Military by Will Soutter AZO Nano
11 Intresting Engineering Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Your Body by 2030 Interesting Engineering
12 Nanoweapons Article 36: Nanoweapons nanoweapons.pdf
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