Taking information just from Government and Mainstream media is not the way, even though many will defend these parasites.

This table is just me looking around to see what really going on, I am not like some people who will search for material suit they mindset.

Truth is matter of letting it shape you and not aleady concluded what it is, hence the reason I have account called noconclusion79.

Also we have a POLICE FORCE in the UK that will go what ever GOVERNMENT and ROYAL family say as they all part of the roll out of tyranny.

I will be putting channels to checkout down on the side of the page.

Topic Name Description / Article / Pdf Link
Agenda 21+ Agenda 21, 2030, 2050 programs Do you know how this is affecting your life? Agenda 21
Covid-19 Weaponize virus? Weaponize Vaccine? Threat brought for public by Dr. Fauci, Gates and other players. Covid19
5g What is 5G really? Documentations for people to find out what it is. 5G Table
Child Abuse and more Too many people think authorities are going to go after child abusers(they don't), it down to us to find out what really going on. Child Abuse+
Smart World Smart Tyranny NWO World being turned into surveillance technocratic smart slavery grid Smart Meters
Weather Modification Weaponizing Weather and other We know people always finding ways to control the weather, how far have we come? Weather Mod
Nano Tech Brain Tech and forms of nano tech infiltrate. We are seeing agenda's to control living beings through the midn with tech. Nano Mind Tech
Natural Healing Intel Coming Soon Natural Zone
Transhumanism Natural humans to be obsolete Engineering people to be better slaves, or post-human Human 2.0